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Welcome to Fairfield City Chamber of Commerce

Fairfield is a multicultural and diverse city in Western Sydney. Fairfield citizens consists of Asian, European and Arabic immigrants who now live together as Australians, combining their cultures and traditions into the area. Due to the many cultures of Fairfield, there are a large variety of shops in surrounding areas to help provide products and services to fit all types of people.

Who we are

Fairfield City Chamber of Commerce is a collective group of business owners who inhabit the Fairfield area working together to increase the economy and encourage people to visit the Fairfield area. Covering Fairfield CBD and Fairfield Heights, they aim to collaborate with major shopping centres and specialty shops to improve the commerce generated.

Our Vision

At the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, we have one main vision to help businesses in the Fairfield community. We do this through the following variety of methods:

  • organise advertisements in different forms of media to promote Fairfield and occupying businesses.
  • help increase customer awareness of the area.
  • plan strategic developments which will improve the area and benefit shop owners (eg. car parks, housing strategies, etc).
  • create publicity to support businesses in Fairfield.

We strive to offer people opportunity and choice, as well as continue to generate income for Fairfield and its' business owners.